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A few words about us

If you're looking for a cost effective minimum expense standalone website with all the usual checkout features, we're here. If you're looking for a fully featured Sales/Ordering solution such as an eCommerce Website for online orders, EPoS till and receipt printing system for Sales/Orders made on premises along with a dedicated Android or IOS application for Customers and seperate Apps for Management functions for remote adminsitration. We have an eCommerce Plan for you

Simple eCommerce, order management and delivery management systems that provide a seamless and fluid experience for both the customer and vendor.

Satisfying growing eCommerce needs

Providing reliable eCommerce webshops, electronic shopping and seamless ordering systems to the Fast Food and Retail Industry.

We're aiming to become the go-to choice for all Independant Fast Food and Online Retailing Businesses in The UK!.

Creating energy for the future

We create bespoke webshops at affordable prices. If you're looking for a dedicated online shop that can handle card payments aswell as Cash, including PayPal, GPay, Apple Pay and more, you've come to the right place.

Pay less for the build and a little extra in commission so users pay for the orders they receive or, if you're confident your website will be a screaming success, shoose a payment plan that sees you pay more upfront but with the option of 0% commission on all your orders, so all your profits you make from your sales are entirely yours!

Manchester eCommerce Systems

eCommerce Websites | Android & IOS Mobile Apps | EPoS Till Systems.

Online and Electronic Shopping, Fast Food and General Retail Payment Registering and Online Vending Systems.

Modern Design

Choose from a variety of styles and options. We can customise your site to include your house style and logos as part of a turn-key transfer strategy that takes the burden off moving in.

Internationalised Domain

Take advantage of the low price and the ROI that a Premium Domain can bring through its confidence building first impact.

Fledgling Kickstarter

Perfect choice for new companies and startups looking to stake a claim in the upper market or possibly reinvent their image to access new areas.

Our team

Our history

The beginning of Blue Energy success

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National expansion and promotion of our services

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Opening new offices in European countries

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Recognition of sustainable petroleum solutions

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